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Aviva Bid

Added by:Derek Wild On: 2017-11-08 14:58:18

If you haven't yet voted for the AVIVA Grant, there is still time.

We have just over 1000 votes but need to get many more.  If we get the grant, this means we can spend more on activities and facilities for you so VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!.


Get a friend, work collegue, relation to  help get those votes in

just open this link and register and get your 10 votes in


Gone Home

Added by:Joan Priestley On: 2017-11-02 18:10:39

It is with sadness that we learn of the passing of Dr Gerald Partridge , a long standing friend of Keighley Scouts, He was our Medic on the Fellsman for many years and his son Roland was a cub, scout and venture, and was supported throughout by Gerald, who was also a Venture Leader..


I am advised that the funeral will take place at 11.30 on Saturday 11/11/2017 at Christ Church Oakworth.

Reva Reservoir

Added by:Jeanette Young On: 2017-01-16 13:22:56

Dear All


I have sent the attached email to all Cub, Scout and Explorer leaders and assistant leaders in Wharfedale, Aire Valley and Keighley Districts to advertise the opportunities that exist at the Centre and the opportunities for leaders to obtain permits to take their own youngsters out on the water, particularly at Reva Reservoir.


I have no idea what response to expect, but hopefully there will be some.


Obviously the ulterior motive is that if we can assist leaders to become permit holders then there are more people in the local Districts who might be prepared to put in the odd shift at Reva for the benefit of other local Scout Groups.


Kind Regards


David Berry

RYA Principal – Wharfedale Scout Sailing Centre

County Assessor for Sailing and Powerboating