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Scouts are the Moorsmen (and women)

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2013-10-01 18:07:39


The Moorsman hike which had been absent from Keighley’s Scouting calendar for over 6 years returned last weekend in style.

Teams of four Scouts from across Keighley District took part in the two day incident hike, carrying all their camping gear with them. The teams navigated from Fell Lane to the Old Silent Inn in Stanbury on Saturday and then to Ingrow on Sunday.

Along the way the 10-14 year old Scouts took part in challenge bases including rafting, air rifle shooting, changing a car tyre, first aid, fire lighting and problem solving.

First place was to 19th Keighley Ingrow and Second place went to 2nd Keighley 2nd Riddlesden with 3rd place to a joint team from 14th Keighley Haworth and 25th Keighley Long Lee.


Riddlesden is 'R' Village

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2013-09-28 22:05:45

Riddlesden Scouts have entered a competition run by West Yorkshire Police that encourages young people to make a difference to their community.  The i13 award gave the Scouts £200 to spend.

The Scouts decided they are proud of the Village they live in and wanted others to feel the same.  So they decided to focus the project on promoting a sense of identity and pride in the village.  To do this they created the brand ‘R’ Village the idea coming from Keighley sometimes being called ‘K’ Town. Promoting the brand the Scouts created a YouTube video featuring a rap written and performed by Scout Sam Foster, 12 as well as members of the group explaining why they are proud to live in Riddlesden.  They also created a Facebook group which they hope will act as an online community hub where residents can discuss the village and promote community events.

Perhaps the most visible sign of the project is the erection of signage around the village designed by the Scouts.  With permission from Bradford Council 6 plastic signs have been erected: Two on Bradford road at either end of the village welcoming pedestrians and motorists to the Village. Four signs have been put up around the canal and children’s play area encouraging locals to keep the area tidy.  The locations for the signs were chosen after conducting surveys of anti-social behaviour, dog fouling and littering.

Scout Leader Daniel Mosby said “One of our aims as a group is to be at the centre of our local community.  Riddlesden already has a great sense of community but we hope the ‘R’ Village project will help to bring people closer together and encourage others to feel as proud as we are of our Village”.

Beaver Sports Day

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2013-07-23 10:18:35

This weekend 7 teams took part in the Beaver Sports Day at University Academy Keighley competeing in events including; Egg and spoon race, sack race, relay. hopping, space hopper race, bean bag race, 3-legged race and leap frog.

Winners were 3rd Keighley Steaton and Silsden, joint 2nd place was 23rd Keighley St Anne's and 11th Keighley Cullingworth.

A big thank you to Michelle Cooper in organising her first event as ADC Beavers too!

St George's Day Parade

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2013-04-27 17:21:17

Over 1000 people turned out for the Annual St George's day parade and service. Led by the City of Bradford Pipe Band the parade traveled up Cavdendish Street to St Anne's church for a service led by Canon Gilligan and Keighley Scouts Chairperson Ken MacKenzie.

The service included presentation of Awards including 50 years service to long term Scouter Ron Powell.  The award was collected by his nephew John Powell as Ron sadly passed away earlier this year. John Powell also lit the candle of rememberence in memory of his uncle.

Also in the service was a colour ful showing of the A-Z of Scouting, with each group contributing 2 letters.

5-a-side Football

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2013-04-27 17:11:08

Annual the Keighley District 5-a-side football competition took place at Silsden AFC on one of the sunniest days of the year so far. Teams competed against other teams from their sections in a league with the top 2 teams in each league progressing to the semi-finals.  Winners of the Beaver Competition were 11th Keighley Cullingworth (picture to follow) . The cub and Scout competitions were both won by 1st Keighley Fell Lane Scouts. The teams were Cubs: Back row: Allan Hobson-Sheriff, Middle row: Joe Beck, Eddie Clover, Jaimi Coffey, Morgan Reed, Front row: Mark Ambler, Kian Armstrong, Logan Hobson-Sheriff, William Morrisrow. Scouts (left to right):Herbie Arran, Matthew Watson, Josh Vickers and Myles Lofthouse.

Challenge Flags

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2013-03-23 16:40:35

Congratulations to Riddlesden Cubs and Ingrow Scouts who have both won their sections Chalenge flags this year.

The chalenge flag is the most prestigious competition in the Scouting calander and the sections have earned the right to to parade the flags as part of the St George's day parade.

The Beaver Competition was won by 14th Keighley Haworth.

The Cub competition consisted of severl chalenge bases testing the competitors Scouting and non-Scouting skills.

The Scouts competition involved teams completeing chalenges for "money", having to buy resources for each challenge and working out the best way to make a profit.

The "Spirit of the event" award was given to Long Lee Scouts.

Indoor Cooking Results

Added by:Joseph Gallucci On: 2013-02-24 11:53:20

The scores from the cooking competition are as follows.
Overall Winner:  23rd Keighley (St. Annes)
Award of Commendation:  19th Keighley (Ingrow)
Best Starter:     25th Keighley (Long Lee)
Best Main:         2nd Keighley (2nd Riddlesden) / 14th Keighley (Haworth)
Best Dessert:    23rd Keighley (St. Annes)
Very well done to all the Scouts from Silsden, Riddlesden, Crossroads, Haworth, Ingrow, St Annes and Long Lee.
Big thanks to Tim for organising the event once again!
Look forward to finding out how St Annes and Ingrow do at the County Event next month!