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We will remember them

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2012-11-11 17:22:21

Keighley Scouts marked armistace day today.

Members attended services, parades and acts of rememberance across the District.

There was a large contingent of Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and leaders at the Central Keighley Civic service and parade.  The parade traveled from Russell Street to Keighley Shared church for the Civic service of rememberance before observing 2 minutes silence at Keighley Cenotaph.

Elsewhere many other groups attended acts of rememberance in their own villages and Haworth Cubs & Scouts helped the British Legion to sell poppies on Haworth Main Street.

Archery & Target Shooting Competition

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2012-11-11 17:17:18

The Cub & Scout Shooting & Archery Competition was held on Saturday 10th November at Blackhills Scout Campsite in Wilsden.  Results are as follows:

Cub Competition 

Target Shooting Individual:

  1.  Adam H (1st Silsden)
  2. Matthew R (1st Silsden)
  3. Jake C (Ingrow)

Target Shooting Team:

  1. 1st Silsden
  2. Ingrow (19th Kly)

Archery Individual:

  1.  Adam H (1st Silsden)
  2. Ben J (Cullingworth)
  3. Matthew R (1st Silsden), Tom K (Long Lee), Sam O (Riddlesden)

Archery Team:

  1. 1st Silsden
  2. Long Lee B team (25th Kly)
  3. Cullingworth (11th Kly)

Scout Competition

Target Shooting Individual:

  1.  Joe K (Long Lee)
  2. Simon R (1st Silsden)
  3. Russell P (1st Silsden)

Target Shooting Team:

  1. Long Lee (25th Kly)
  2. 1st Silsden C 
  3. 1st Silsden A

Archery Indvidual

  1. Josh (Oakworth)
  2. Michael B (3rd Kly) & Jack W (Riddlesden)
  3. Frank Y (1st Silsden)

Archery Team

  1. 1st Silsden A
  2. 1st Silsden C
  3. Oakworth (6th Keighley) 


Scoutís Celebrate Diamond Jubilee

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2012-06-14 19:37:35

Keighley Scout’s celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of their patron HM The Queen this week with a family barbeque.  The event was held at East Riddlesden Hall and Town Mayor Cllr Metcalfe was joined by over 350 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Network, Leaders and their families.

Celebrations included a balloon launch, barbeque, lighting of the Jubilee Beacon and presentation of Chief Scouts Awards by Cllr Metcalfe and Keighley Scouts Vice-President Syd Smith.

Riddlesden Scout HQ has also had a makeover in honour of the Jubilee with the help of the Army, National Trust, parents and grant from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Fund managed by Bradford District Community fund.  An old boundary fence next to the Scout HQ has been removed allowing the first stage in the creation of the Diamond Jubilee Gardens.  The now complete first stage of the project includes clearing of land, creation of a sunken fire pit and a wildlife walk.  The Scouts were assisted over two weekends by soldiers from the Army Foundation College in Harrogate and members of the local community. Some materials were also donated by B&Q in Keighley.

5-a-side football competition

Added by:Joseph Gallucci On: 2012-04-15 20:46:53

Below are the results from Saturday's 5-a-side football competition:



Winner: 11th Keighley (Cullingworth)

Runner-up: 6th Keighley (Oakworth)

Attended: 1st Kly, 2nd Kly, 14th Kly, 19th Kly, 23rd Kly




Winner: 6th Keighley (Oakworth)

Runner-up: 1st Keighley (Fell Lane)

Attended: 2nd Kly, 19th Kly, 23rd



Winner: 1st Keighley (Fell Lane)

Runner-up: 19th Keighley (Ingrow)

Attended: 2nd Kly, 6th Kly, 8th Kly, 11th Kly, 14th Kly, 23rd Kly, 25th Kly, 1st Sils



Thank you to all the teams who played, the leaders and parents who stood out in the bitter cold, to the service team for the superb refreshments all day and, particularly, to Jason for another year of smooth sailing and a fab event!


Well done to everyone!



Cub Challenge Flag

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2012-04-07 12:33:48

Congratulations to David, Sam, Shoaib and Stephen from Riddlesden Cubs who won thisn years Challenge Flag ecvent.  Held at Bar Lane URC  the winning team competed against others from the District in a range of challenges.

Scout Indoor Cooking Competition 2012

Added by:Joseph Gallucci On: 2012-03-04 21:28:54

The winners of this years competition where a team from 2nd Keighley (2nd Riddlesden); Dafydd Jones and Tom Whittingham. Well done lads, your "Best Starter" of cream of suede soup certainly put you over the edge.

Best Main went to a Shepherd's pie style pork dish, creatively cooked and well presented by an Ingrow team, and Best Dessert goes to the girls from Ingrow who successfully cooked some lovely pancackes.

An award of special commendation goes to the girls from Crossroads who worked very well together and maintained high quality hygiene and organisation. Each meal was very well presented and generally well cooked. Very high standards all round!

Well done to absolutely everybody who took part; from beginners to cooking comp veterans. Whilst it generally wasn't quite as creative as it has been in past years, there were some very creative menus and some nicely cooked dishes; you should all be very proud of what you achieved today!

I have now updated the League Table (please don't use the link above as it is out of date) for the Challenge Flag with only one more event to go...

Looking forward to see you all there!


Cub Quiz

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2012-02-26 21:25:16

Teams of Cubs Scouts from across Keighley District rose to the challenge of annual Cub quiz.  Held at Fell Lane Scout HQ the winning team from Riddlesden successfully identified different smells and cartoon characters, built towers and showed their knowledge in subjects such as Art and Literature, History and Geography.

Stephen's a winner

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2012-02-26 21:19:20


Stephen Parkin (8) a Cub Scout from Riddlesden has designed the badge to  be worn by 5,000 Scouts later this year.

The BIG Camp is organised by West Yorkshire Scouts and will take place at the Yorkshire Events Centre in May this year.  Billed as the North East’s largest Scouting event of 2012 around 5,000 young people and adults will wear Stephen’s design whilst quad biking, power kiting, climbing, fencing, skiing, playing laser tag and thousands more activities.  The event is aimed at being a celebration of Scouting in Yorkshire and of both the Olympics and the Jubilee of Her Majesty, The Queen.

Stephen beat entries from across the county to win the honour of designing the badge. Stephen has also won a day of activities for his entire Cub Pack at West Yorkshire Scout HQ Bradley Wood.

Keighley Scouts are currently looking for individuals and organisations to help meet the cost of sending our young people to the BIG Camp. Anyone who may be able to contribute should contact Joan Priestley on .


Beaver Quiz 2012

Added by:Rebecca Tillotson On: 2012-02-24 10:41:00

This year's Beaver Quiz took place on the 15th Jan.  Seven colonies participated.


Everyone did fantastic and had loads of fun...these were the results. h


1st Place - 1st Kly Fell Lane - Well Done!

2nd Place - Joint team - 19th Kly Ingrow & 2nd Kly 2nd Ridds

3rd Place - 8th Kly Crossroads

Thank you