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Beaver Quiz

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2009-11-16 22:20:40


Congratulations go to the Brilliant Beaver team from 2nd Keighley Riddlesden – who won the District Beaver quiz on Sunday November 15th.  In Joint Second place were  Haworth Beavers and Ingrow Beavers.  ST Annes Beavers came third in the annual competition  with seven teams of Beavers from the District Taking part.  There was also a joint 4th place going to Cullingworth Beavers and Fell Lane Beavers.The scores are as follows:


1st place

2nd Keighley Riddlesden Beavers

Total score      62

2nd place

14th Keighley  Haworth  Beavers

Total Score      54

2nd Place

19th Keighley    Ingrow   Beavers

Total Score      54

3rd Place

23rd Keighley St Annes   Beavers

Total Score      53

4th Place  

11th Keighley Cullingworth  Beavers

Total Score      52

4th Place

1st  Keighley  Fell lane     Beavers

Total Score      52

5th place

3rd Keighley  Silsden        Beavers

Total Score      49


Well done to all the teams for taking part and keeping the Leaders very busy on a Sunny Sunday Afternoon


Joanne Crossley 1969-2009

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2009-10-26 18:56:33

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing away of Joanne Crossley at the age of 39.

Joanne was Beaver Scout Leader at 25th Keighley Long Lee and will leave a huge hole in the Scouting community.

Joanne passed away suddenly whilst on Holiday with her family in Filey.

The thoughts of all the leaders and young people involved with Scouting in Keighley are with her friends and family.

Details regarding funeral arrangements will be passed on as soon as they are known.

Monopoly Run

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2009-10-22 18:31:08

If you were out and about around Keighley last Saturday it was hard to miss the Scout & Guide Monopoly Run Competition. 20 teams of Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Guides attempted to make as much “money” as possible by visiting locations on the Keighley Monopoly board and getting chance cards such as photos of people in uniform.

The competition started at 9:30am from Church Green before teams scattered across the District. Places visited included Cullingworth, Oxenhope, Riddlesden, Silsden, Long Lee and Oakworth as well as Keighley town centre. At 5:00pm the teams reassembled at Haworth Community Centre for the results.

Winners in the Cub Competition were 14th Keighley Haworth, 19th Keighley Ingrow won the Scouts, Keighley Explorers B Team won the Explorers and 2nd Oakworth took the Guides. The overall winners were the Ingrow Scout Team accumulating £14,000 of monopoly money.

Cobbydale Clomp

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2009-09-28 17:15:56

The 25th Cobbydale Clomp saw 12 teams of Cubs, Scouts and Guides compete in the annual hike around Silsden.  Bases included human sheep herding, first aid, knotting, tent pitching and the legendery scavenger hunt for which haworth did find "Microwave" for M (pictured).


1st Oakworth
2nd Ingrow

1st Riddlesden
2nd Haworth
3rd Cullingworth

1st Oakworth
2nd Ingrow
3rd Haworth

Congratulations to everyone who took part!

Target Shooting Competition

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2009-07-13 23:24:58

Target Shooting is an Olympic sport requireing a steady hand, concentration and excelent cordination.

The competition ,run under the supervision of National Small Bore Rifle Association instructors, was a huge success with over 80 Cubs and Scouts taking part on the indoor range.


Riddlesden won both the cub and scout group competition whilst Rhianon Conway won the individual Cubs competition and  Mason Preece the Scouts with an impressive score of 84 out of 100.

Scout Shuffle

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2009-06-07 00:11:20

The Shuffle is the biggest game of hide and seak you;ve ever played.

This year a slighlty diminished, due to many groups camping themselves, field of 5 teams conqured Ilkley Moor whilst attempting to avoid the 'hunters'.

Winners were 2nd Keighley Riddlesden who managed to avoid capture all day.

New Chief Scout

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2009-06-05 01:09:25

Bear Grylls is famous for his survival skills and sense of Adventure and now he is also famous for being the youngest Chief Scout. Scouting is a growing organisation and Grylls will head up 400,000 young people and 100,000 adult volunteers throughout the UK and over 600 young people and adults in Keighley. 

When asked why he chose to volunteer for the UK’s largest mixed youth movement, Grylls said: ‘In short, because I love adventure and I love hanging out with good friends. For me this is what Scouting is about.’ When asked by young people how they can learn his skills Grylls says he learnt his basic skills when he as a Scout. 

Grylls goes on to say that there are 30,000 young people in the UK currently on waiting lists to join the Scout movement and there is a huge demand for new adult volunteers. All new volunteers will receive free comprehensive training and have the opportunity to make a huge difference to their local community. 

For more information on how you can join Scouting in Keighley as a young person or adult check get in touch with us through our contact page.

St Georges Day

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2009-06-05 01:08:45

Once again the Scouts of Keighley turned out in force to honour the Patron Saint of Scouting St George. The parade lead by the city of Bradford pipe band proceded up Cavendish Street to a short service in St Annes Church, where new challenge flags were dedicated, before parading back.

5-a-side football competition

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2009-06-05 01:08:12

The 5-a-side football competition was offered a last minute repreive this year by Silsden AFC after the usual venue of Oakbank was unavailable. 

As usual teams from all over the district competed in the beaver, cub and scout competitions. 
The winners were: 
Beavers, winners, Cullingworth, Runners up, Oakworth 
Cubs, winners, Fell Lane, Runners up, Oakworth 
Scouts, winners Cullingworth, Runners up Silsden (St James)

Scout Scrapheap Challenge

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2009-06-05 01:07:52

One of the most popular Scout competitions this year the teams had to build an air powered rocket that could not only power their baloon high into the sky but also ensure their "pilot" landed safely without gettign scrambled. 

The Winners were 14th Keighley haworth, with Ingrow in second and Cross Roads in third. The prize for the most innovate design went to Riddlesden (pictured).

Cub Challenge Flag

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2009-06-05 01:07:35

The most prestigious competition in the Cub Scout Callender sees teams completeing physical, mental and scouting challenges to take home the dristricts mots famous Flag. This year the Flag is going home with 1st Keighley Fell Lane. Well Done!

Scout indoor cooking

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2009-06-05 01:07:10

The Ready Steady Cook! style event returned to Haworth community center with the teams having to create a three course meal being judges on presentaton, hygene and cullinary genious! haworth used their Chicken and Coli to successfully take the trophy. They will now procede to represent Keighley at the County Competition.

Wet N' Wild Centenary Water Challenge

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2009-06-05 01:06:48

A new event to Celebrate 100 years of Scouting in Keighley saw around 100 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Network compete against each other towing Beavers in dinghys, relaying inflatable guitars and picking up blocks from the bottom. The winners were 2nd Keighley 2nd Riddlesden but all competitors did well in an event that is sure to be repeated.

Gangshow Goodbye Camp

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2009-06-05 01:06:20

As a thankyou to the cast of the 2008 Scout Gangshow for all their time and effort a camp was held free of charge to the young people. Around 40 cast members enjoyed a great weekend in a beautiful snowy Blackhills. Activities included shooting, Archery, rope Climbing (left), crafts, pioneering, swimming, widegames and on Sunday a dinner was held and the cast members were presented with certificates by the Deputy Mayor Cllr Margaret Ward.

Scout Quiz

Added by:Daniel Mosby On: 2009-06-05 01:04:13

The Scout Quiz was this year competed for by teams from across Keighley at Cougar Park on a wet January Afternoon. The Competition as very tough with only 4 point seperating the top three. The winners in the end were Oakworth with Haworth Runners up and last years winners Riddlesden in 3rd. Well done.