Terms and Conditions,

  1. Data Protection I agree to my data being held in accordance with all relevant UK and EU legislation and consent to my personal details being made public to the user groups I specify in my privacy settings. I agree not to make public any information on the iScout portal without the permission of the data owner.
  2. Usage I will only use the iScout Portal for genuine Scouting purposes and will use the Scout Law to govern my activities this includes trying to view any data I am not entitled to.
  3. Limited Liability All information on the iScout Portal is provided with no warranty or comeback and is used entirely at your own risk.
  4. Service No guarantee is made about the availability of the iScout portal and I understand the service may be withdrawn at any time without warning.
  5. Account Suspension If I breach any of the above conditions I understand my account will be suspended with no right to appeal and the District Commissioner may be informed. I also understand that my account may be suspended at any time by the sites administrators without any warning, explanation or right to appeal.