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Keighley's Grim

8th-10th September 2017 Added by Joseph Gallucci on 2017-05-06 16:49:14

We are very excited to welcome so many new faces to our thriving District Leadership team! As Keighley Scouts continues to grow, we have decided to offer a skills & social weekend for leaders. The main focus of this weekend is for leaders, old and new, from across the groups and sections to come together and share and develop their scouting skills, programmes and ideas.

When: 8th - 10th September 2017

Where: Sconce Campsite, Baildon

Who: We are searching for leaders who want to come and learn new things as well as leaders who can come and share their skills and experience. It would be great to see at least one person from each section of all the groups across Keighley District.

How much: The District has offered to subsidise this event for our leaders, but there will be a small charge to help cover the cost of food and accommodation. We expect this to be approximately £20 per person for the weekend and will confirm after the 5th June when we have a clearer idea of numbers etc.

What: We cannot guarantee a programme at this stage, but this will give you an idea of the type of weekend we are hoping to offer:

            Friday night:            Arrival from approximately 6pm.

                                                 Welcome and wide games. 'Getting to know you' social time.

            Saturday:                  Practical skills (pioneering, fire building, camp craft etc.)

                                                 Adventurous activities (axe throwing, crate climbing etc.)


             Sunday:                     Scouts Own, Programme ideas, general information, training                                                  validation, team building and obstacle courses.


We have a huge range of expertise to share across our District. If you are happy to help out during the weekend; you want to come and learn some new things; or you hope to do both, please complete and return the form to register your interest. The form can be sent to either Becka or Joe using the information below. Or pass it to you GSL as we will be meeting them on the 5th June anyway.


Any questions - get in touch!

Becka & Joe



Keighley's Grim Register of interest.pdf
Keighley's Grim initial info.pdf


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