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Riddlesden HQ Race Night

2nd-2nd February 2013 Added by Daniel Mosby on 2012-11-06 22:46:23


Feeling lucky?

Help make our HQ better at our race night

In 2012 many of you helped us make some improvements to the outside of our HQ with the Jubilee Garden. We took down a fence, dug a fire pit, painted everything, planted fruit trees native hedgerows and spring bulbs. Thanks! Your help made a real difference. We have also got a grant to buy some wild flowers to add to the area by the stream so we’ll do this in the Spring as well as applying for more funding to build a path to the bottom field and improve the path to the hut.

In 2013 we’re turning our attention to inside, we want to make a number of changes including, partitioning a new store room, repairing the floor, improving the heating and making the hut more energy efficient.  Long term we hope to get a shipping container to put behind the hut as stores letting us use the current stores as a comfortable chill out room.

To make this happen though requires a lot of hard work and money.  We are applying for several grants but to kick start the process we’re holding a race night on Saturday 2nd February from 6:30pm at the Riddlesden War memorial institute.  We have attached a poster; it would be great if you could display this somewhere.

A race night is a great family evening out as well as a great fundraiser. We need your help in two ways:

·         Selling and buying tickets, these cost £2.50 and includes entry and a pie and peas supper, please contact for tickets and ask friends, family and colleagues if they’d like to join us.

·         Sponsoring races and horses, a great advertisement for your business or just to send a family message. Sponsoring a race costs £10 and a horse costs £2 includes your name in the program and we’ll display any fliers or posters you have.

Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you there, any questions ask Moz at Scouts or James at Explorers.




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