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YL Module A training

7th-7th July 2012 Added by Joseph Gallucci on 2012-06-16 13:47:48

As a Young Leader, Module A is essential for learning the basic structure and your place in the association. Most important are the aspects of safeguarding and risk assessment.

This module MUST be completed by ALL YLs within 5 months of starting their role.

This training session is running on Saturday 7th July from 9.00am. Venue TBC. The session should be approximately 3 hours long. All Explorer Scouts are invited to attend. Uniform will not be necessary. Please tell us if you will be attending by 1stJuly and bring the attached health form and the permission slip below to the training session.

Stuart Ward (ADC Young Leaders)


invite and permission form.pdf
KDS - Health Information Form.pdf


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