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26th Cub Quiz

2nd Beaver Challenge Flag
2nd-4th Scout District Camp & Challenge Flag
9th Cub Challenge Flag

15th Cub Night Hike

6th Target Sports Event for Cubs, Scouts & Explorers
14th St George's Day Parade

19th Cubs @ The Deep

Jubilee Celebration Event

13th-13th June 2012 Added by Daniel Mosby on 2012-04-22 18:59:10

It’s Party Time!

Celebrate the Diamond Jubilee with us


Wednesday 13th June 2012 6:30pm
East Riddlesden Hall

Event includes:

Presentation of Chief Scout Awards to Beavers, Cubs and Scouts

Family Barbeque

All Welcome!



- We need to know approximate numbers from groups so that we can appropriately arrange catering for the BBQ (dietary requirements: please send specific details). Remember we don't need to know every family member and their dog with names and addresses but we do need a sensible guide.
- If you would like to present any of your young people with a Chief Scout Award (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond or Platinum) please remember that they should have already been given their badge to wear on their uniform at the presentation and they (or you) should bring their certificate with them! In advance, we would like to know their names, section and which award they will be receiving. Remember that we are presenting awards earned from September 2011 so if you have any that have already been awarded, get the certificate back and get them booked in!
- The event is open to all young people in all sections of all groups and their families and friends with them so please get it out there, it will be made all the better for having a massive turn out!
- Please send approximate numbers and appropriate information to Jeanette by Half Term (Friday 1st June).

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